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            Bonded Logistics Department's summer 6S publicity month and the evaluation activities ended smoothly
            Publish time:2018/9/6 0:00:00

            As an important part of the Group's supply chain construction, the warehouse is responsible for the heavy production tasks while ensuring fire safety, personal safety and cargo safety.
            In conjunction with the high temperature characteristics of the summer season, the Bonded Logistics Department launched a five-week "Summer 6S Publicity Appraisal Campaign" from July 17 (initial) to August 23 (in the summer).
            The on-site warehouse tally personnel are classified into three 6S execution teams according to the management area and the customers in charge. The activity checks and evaluates ten items on the warehouse site, including safety protection, cargo placement, operation equipment, area cleaning, fire equipment management, cargo damage accidents, and safety injuries.
            During the event, a number of new group LOGOs were replaced, 6S promotional banners were added, and refrigerators and medical first aid kits (including medicines) were purchased for heatstroke prevention. At the same time, the signature work of the 6S basic reading materials was also carried out.
            Through the five-week inspection and evaluation, the results of each group improved week by week. The on-site management level and employees' understanding and execution of 6S have been improved, ensuring safe production and smooth summer.
            A few days ago, the company's vice president Wu Shuyao and the Transportation Management Center participated in the 6S publicity monthly awards, and awarded the "6S activity red flag" to the winning team.