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    Universal Pharmaceuticals Ltd

    Universal Pharmaceuticals is a rapidly expanding pharmaceutical company with a reputation for high manufacturing standards, premium dietary supplements and excellent customer service. Dedicated to the development and manufacture of premium dietary supplements, we have a highly accredited production facility with a quality team consisting of experienced analysts to ensure the products not only meet, but exceed the domestic and international statutory requirements. At Universal Pharmaceuticals, we take great pride in offering our clients with one-stop solutions, covering all areas of dietary supplements manufacturing, new product development, regulatory and technical support, and brand management. This comprehensive approach to customer service allows our clients to focus on growing their business. Driven by our mission to develop the highest quality products that will benefit generations to come, we have served clients from more than 100 countries and regions around the world. Purpose led; Performance driven. We work hard to be the best and we are committed to becoming the world's leading dietary supplement manufacturer.

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    Soft Gel
    Dairy products
    RTD Beverage
    Baby Food

    High-speed fully automated soft capsule production line

    Hard capsules production capacity ranks among the top in the southern hemisphere

    Cover all types of solid dosage production lines

    Independent 100,000-level purified probiotic production and manufacturing workshop to ensure probiotic activity

    It has been certified by MPI and has advanced and intelligent dairy production line and technology

    High-speed, intelligent multiple sachet production and packaging lines to meet various packaging needs

    Instantaneous ultra-high temperature hybrid sterilization (UHT) and intelligent online positioning cleaning system

    Large-scale high-speed and intelligent drops integrated filling line

    Standard electronic control operation technology, with scientific matching, ultra-fine and ultra-high temperature sterilization pure natural complementary food products


    At Universal Pharmaceuticals, our commitment to quality, safety and the continuation of supply is unmatched and unwavering. Having GMP (Good Manufacturing Practice) in place, our manufacturing facility in Auckland not only meet, but exceed stringent government and industry standards. Every single product is produced and processed in a 100,000-level purification workshop that meets the HACCP (Hazard Analysis and Critical Control Points) standard, which is the most internationally recognised system based on production of safe food.


    We have invested heavily in advanced facilities and?quality control?to make sure every product delivers to our clients our promise to quality. We divide our quality control into 19 inspection steps, which means at every step of the manufacturing process, we have multiple checks and balance procedures to ensure the integrity ofthe products we provide to our clients.


    Efficient Sales team

    We care about your success, we are flexible to your needs, and we are highly professional and bring the solution to the table!

    Optimum Practical Formulation

    Innovation is at the core of what we do. We are constantly evaluating and improving the formulations and ingredient profiles of our products to create the most effecous and innovative dietary supplements.

    Competitive Price

    We deeply believe that our clients ‘success is our success. We listen to and collaborate with our clients to help them into a better position in the market by offering the most competitive price in the industry.

    The Most Effective Production Planning

    As a new or repeat customer of ours, you can expect courteous, efficient service throughout your dealings with us.?We have the ability to manage small and large-scale production to best suit your market needs. No request is too big or too small.


    Manufactured here in New Zealand and sold globally,?we are unrelenting in delivering you the highest performing products backed by industry-leading research and development.

    The Best Logistics Solution

    As a part of our “one stop” solution, our experienced regulatory team and logistic team can provide support on label compliance, preparation of export documentation, clearing customs on your behalf to organising onward delivery of your shipment to one or multiple locations, our teams can do it all.

    Global Strategic Partner

    Cooperation Partner