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    Full Range of Production
    Lines and meet the Needs of Customers of All Ages

    Soft Gel
    Dairy Products
    RTD Beverage
    Baby Food

    High-speed fully automated soft capsule production line

    Hard capsules production capacity ranks among the top in the southern hemisphere

    Cover all types of solid dosage production lines

    Independent 100,000-level purified probiotic production and manufacturing workshop to ensure probiotic activity

    It has been certified by MPI and has advanced and intelligent dairy production line and technology

    High-speed, intelligent multiple sachet production and packaging lines to meet various packaging needs

    Instantaneous ultra-high temperature hybrid sterilization (UHT) and intelligent online positioning cleaning system

    Large-scale high-speed and intelligent drops integrated filling line

    Standard electronic control operation technology, with scientific matching, ultra-fine and ultra-high temperature sterilization pure natural complementary food products

    Ultra-high temperature processing (UHT)